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Minority, Women, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE)

A Message from the Superintendent

The Clark County School District is an integral part of the community. The District provides a foundation and focus for the future of our children. In addition to learning academic and employment skills, students must be prepared to work in a diverse, global marketplace. 

Just as the District strives to have a diverse workforce in our schools, we seek the skills of a cross-section of supplier and contractors for goods and services. The District’s business relationships must be fair and open, and it is important that our workforce and business practices embrace all facets of the community. Opportunities to work with the District are open to all interested individuals and companies within the community. 

Diverse Group

Recognizing the talent and skills of our diverse community allows the District a broader perspective and larger competitive tool. The Clark County School District has instituted a “Supplier Outreach Program” to identify, encourage, and work with qualified suppliers --specifically, local, minority, women, and disadvantaged business enterprises. We hope this new program will not only create a more competitive and cost effective environment by identifying additional potential suppliers, but also provide opportunities to strengthen our ties with the community and create partnerships with its diverse population. 

We welcome you and look forward to working with you.