Employee Benefits

Benefits for Clark County School District employees are outlined in the Negotiated Agreements.

For more information regarding benefits, please contact the Benefits Department:

  • Support Professionals, Police and Police Administrators
    Phone: CCSD (702) 799-5418

  • Certified and Licensed Staff
    Phone: Teachers Health Trust: (702) 794-0272

  • Administrators
    Phone: CCASAPE: (702) 796-9602
  • For payroll questions, please contact the Payroll Department:

  • Payroll
    Phone: (702) 799-5351

Other Benefits Information

Employee Benefits

Additional Sick Leave

Family Medical Leave

Leave of Absence

PERS Retirement Information

  • Public Employees' Retirement System of Nevada
    Phone: (702) 486-3900
    Website: nvpers.org
  • Contact PERS directly for assistance with the following:
    • PERS applications for Regular Retirement & Disability Retirement
    • Retirement Counseling
    • PERS retirement pension estimates
    • PERS service credit purchases

PERS retirement and CCSD retirement are two separate processes involving two separate agencies. Both agency processes must be completed to officially retire with PERS. Dates for each agency may also be different.

CCSD Retirement – General Information Overview

Learn More About CCSD Retirement Information

​​Submit a request for information form for more information!

Submit Your Information Request

Phone: (702) 799-0206, Option 1

Email: hrretirement@nv.ccsd.net

Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive

For Teachers/Certified Staff Only

The District will provide an incentive to licensed employees who meet the criteria and adhere to ALL of the following procedures:

  • Have at least twenty-nine (29) years of accumulated service time in the Public Employees’ Retirement System of Nevada (PERS).
  • Have been employed as a teacher for at least fifteen (15) years with the Clark County School District.
  • Terminate employment with the District at the conclusion of the current contract year.
  • Have one hundred (100) days of accumulated unused sick leave.
  • Complete additional required program participation paperwork and submit directly to CCEA in addition to CCSD separation process. (Paperwork not available until annual meeting date, no exceptions!)

The District shall provide an incentive as follows:

  • The District will purchase up to one year of PERS service credit, total service including such purchase not to exceed thirty (30) years.

An annual meeting regarding this incentive program is held in the Spring. Please monitor your Gmail consistently in the Spring for additional information.

For additional information go to the negotiated agreement.

Note The Following:

An employee who has received a District contribution toward the purchase of retirement service credit or health insurance may not be reemployed by the District in any position eligible for coverage under the Nevada Public Employees’ Retirement System until such time as the employee has reimbursed the District for the full amount plus applicable interest contributed by the District for the retirement service credit purchased or the insurance incentive paid on behalf of the employee.

CCSD Retirement Liaison