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Non-Standard Equipment Purchases

Non-Standard/Non-Supported Equipment Request Form (NSERF) and Process

This District has begun a new process for purchasing Non-Standard/Non-Supported Equipment. The change includes the use of the Non-Standard/Non-Supported Equipment Request Form (NSERF).

Please note: There are many Standard items available in the on-line catalog. Please review the catalog to assure there is not a Standard item that will meet the functional requirements.

New form requires the requestor to complete and submit to the Operations Manager (OM)

  • OM certifies that the building as is can support the item and that contractor work will not be required to install or operate equipment
  • Once approved by OM, requestor creates a Shopping Cart with the form attached as a PDF
  • Shopping Carts will be rejected back to end user if completed form is not attached

Approvals will be through workflow in the SAP system

  • Administrators will receive the Shopping Carts in their Approval in-box
  • Approvals will continue in the system
  • Rejections will be sent to end user with comments in Approval Notes

Additional costs will be incurred with non-standard orders. The requestor acknowledges and understands:

  • The District will not provide support for non-standard items. The cost of training, extended warranties, maintenance, or service contracts may be required and will be the responsibility of the requestor.
  • The District will not provide funding for supplies, accessories, or replacement units for non-standard items.
  • The facility and building infrastructure must be able to support the non-standard item. If modifications to the building are needed, please use the PAF process in lieu of this process.

For any further questions, please contact Karen Purdy via email or by calling (702) 799-5225.

Non-Standard/Non-Supported Request Form
Non-Standard/Non-Supported Equipment Help Guide
Non-Standard/Non-Supported Admin Approval Guide